What Is Your Story?

Statistics are great for giving you a quick overview of a situation or problem.
But behind every number is a person, with a story about why they act and what they do.
It’s that story that lets you understand people’s actions and behavior.

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A Deeper Understanding

Qualitative research is based on this kind of deep understanding of people and issues. It’s about listening to peoples’ voices, either through an interview, or a detailed survey.

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We helped many

Athena Research Group has been helping companies and people make informed decisions based on the “Qualitative” Market Research we conduct each and every single day! You will be amazed just how much your opinion could affect and change the way businesses provide their products and services.

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Our Services

Athena has developed the ability to perform a full range of services. We are the only full-service market research facility in Riverside & San Bernardino Counties!

 Our Story

Recognized by industry experts as the premiere research facility for marketing to Hispanics. We are the only dedicated full-time qualitative facility located in the nation’s No.4 metro area (Riverside & San Bernardino Counties) for Hispanic population.

Client Facts

Clients are our Number one priority and that is why we take special care of you long before you ever arrive to our facility. We have several package options for you to choose from including discounts on your stay, travel and even some amazing foodie options!


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